What is MarkX?

MarkX is app for collaboration in video creation

What's new in MarkX 3.0.1

Player added (Open video from local disk or web (vimeo, youtube) to create markers lists
Share markers lists function
Add xml 5 version support (for embed markers into FCP 7 and Premiere projects) HH:MM:SS:FF; timecode format added

In previous versions.

New design and behavior of application.
Now app adds into marker description all text between timecode numbers (no more separator needed).
New timecode formats support HH:MM:SS.FF and MM:SS.FF (HH:MM:SS and MM:SS also works).
More accuracy embed of markers for projects with different frame rates.
Supports relative or absolute timecode.
Added Help

Video opening:

To open a video from a local disk, click Open (CMD + O), select Open file and specify the path.

To open a video from Youtube or Vimeo click Open, select the appropriate option, paste the link to the video in a special field. And then click Open.

The player controls.

A standard button Play/Pause (Spacebar).
A control of a viewing speed (j, k, l): j - rewind, k - pause, l - forward. Each time you press j or l is doubling the speed.
Hide/Show the player window (CMD + Shift + V)

Markers & marker's edit mode.

Adding a marker (M). After adding the marker the program goes to marker's edit mode.

Enter the text, then add a comment, then press Enter to get out of that marker's edit mode.
Quick movement from marker to marker:
Go to the previous marker (Up), to the next marker (Down).
Removal of the marker (Right Clic, Opt+Clic).

Share or save your comments as list.

Use Share menu for share comments or save as a text file.

Supported Timecode formats.

MarkX supported timecode formats: HH:MM:SS, HH:MM:SS.FF, MM:SS, MM:SS.FF, HH:MM:SS:FF;
Description:(HH - hours (24 - hour clock), MM - minutes, SS - seconds, FF - frames).

To Do list format.

To Do list contain timecode numbers and description.
All text from the first timecode numbers up to next timecode numbers will be added into first marker description, etc.

Embed markers to fcpxml project file.

Paste a To Do list into the MarkX Text field and press Mark button. Select fcpxml project file.

Absolute or Relative timecode.

You can choose absolute or relative timecode in the open fcpxml dialog.
Selecting the absolute timecode markers will be embedded exactly at specified locations according to the actual timecode of the project.
If you select a relative timecode markers they will be embedded at the specified time from the start of the project.